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VIGO Ventures is an investment group with a strong focus on photonics and hardware projects. One of our strategic partners is VIGO System ( a joint stock company and a global leader in production of high operating temperature IR detectors. VIGO System supplies unique products, manufactured with the use of internally developed technology and the aid of its 120+ team. Our second strategic partner is Warsaw Equity Group a privately held investment company with over 20 years track record of successfully supporting business ventures and entrepreneurial DNA.

As we are a part of a larger ecosystem and offer long term support for our portfolio companies which includes possible next round financing.


  • Verified technology, MVP or a working prototype. The investment is supposed to help in refining the prototype/solution and/or enable the commercialization process.
  • We invest in new technologies, photonics, optics, automation, robotics, photovoltaics, material engineering or other technologies solving real life problems and needs in innovative ways.
  • Complete team at the moment of the investment (technology, business development, finance). We help in the recruitment of curtail project members.
  • Core team should be the owners of the IP used in the project and have the rights to develop it. The presented solution should address specific customer needs and pains, have an identified global market.


  • Show us a clearly defined problem your project solves. Explain to us how you solve the problem and why your solution is better than other existing solutions.
  • Working prototype and verified technology along with detailed research and models the were done. Explain to us what has been proved and verified.
  • Clearly defined applications of the technology along with benefits for the users. Show us group of clients that will be interested in purchasing your solution. How does your technology compare to solutions your competition might introduce to the market within next 3 years.
  • Explain how far from commercial and scalable production is your technology. What needs to be done to start commercial production?
  • Describe and quantify the value of addressable market (we prefer bottom-up approach in assessing the value of the market with the technology/product as the starting point).
  • Show us a detailed development plan along with specific technical milestones. What are key risks and what might go wrong ?
  • Develop financial plan with respect to costs and investments. Explain how you come up with value of the investment needs. Do you project further investment rounds? If so – when, what for and how much capital will be needed ?
  • We want an independent and motivated full-time team that is uniquely qualified and fully dedicted to build a project, We can help you with hiring if you miss critical people on the team.


Wojciech Smoliński – Managing Partner

Wojciech Smolinski has more than 15 years of experience in business, investment banking and investments. In his career he completed more than twenty seed and venture transactions with the value over of PLN 100m and managed public offerings exceeding PLN 800m. Wojciech graduated from Warsaw School of Economics and completed postgraduate courses in Negotiation and Mediation at University of Social Sciences and Humanities. He is a graduate of Professional Coaching School.

Marek Kotelnicki – Managing Partner


Marek Kotelnicki, has almost ten years of experience in working with scientific projects from around the world. He advised hundreds of technology companies from over 40 countries on the subjects of technology commercialization, development and customer acquisition. He gained professional experience while on the side of international corporations as well as technology companies. He is a graduate of two-cycle studies at the Warsaw School of Economics (International Economic Relations and Management) and a scholarship holder at Ryukoku University in Japan, where he graduated from Japanese-Asian Studies (JAS). He hosted two seasons of a popular-science program "Inventors of the Future" for Canal + Discovery covering the topic of the scientific and startup ecosystem in Poland.

Piotr Murjas – Investment Manager


Piotr Murjas has over five years of experience in working with start-ups and corporations. He is a graduate of Rzeszow University of Technology and University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów. He is also a Vice President of Polish-Israeli Startups Foundation and Vice Chairman of the Committee on Innovation, High-Tech and Diversity (Polish Chamber of Commerce).


Fluence develops new generation of fiber femtosecond lasers with parameters highly exceeding other products available on the market. Lasers developed by Fluence due to their entirely fiber construction offer vastly better stability, reliability and ease of use compared to traditional femtosecond lasers.


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